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Faculties and departments:

Education at MUCTR is a reliable way to obtain a modern and high-demand by time education. After all, we are preparing specialists who will be needed for the sectoral economy and regions in 5-10 years. The extensive program of strategic development of MUCTR is aimed to creating the conditions under which the University with rich experience and traditions of classical education, internationally recognized scientific and pedagogical schools, will become an industry center of excellence in the scientific and technological field, a knowledge factory for the industry of the future.

Faculty of Chemical Technology

  • department of General and inorganic chemistry
  • department of Fundamental chemistry
  • department of Technology of inorganic, ceramic and electrochemical productions
  • department of Chemical technology of organic substances and polymer materials

Faculty of Power Engineering

  • department of Industrial thermal power engineering
  • department of Power supply of industrial enterprises
  • department of Chemical production equipment
  • department of Natural sciences and mathematics

Faculty of Cybernetics

  • department of Computer engineering and information technology
  • department of Automation of production processes

Focus on Car service center

Faculty of Economics and Management

  • department of Economics, finance and accounting
  • department of Management

Focus on Information service

  • department of History, philosophy and cultural science
  • department of Physical education and sport

Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens

  • department of General-theoretical subjects
  • department of Russian as a foreign languages

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