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Curriculum list

Novomoskovsk Institute of Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia will help realize your dream. The Novomoskovsk Institute is one of the best institutes of higher education in Russia according to the nomenclature of specialties, the quality of education, the material and technical base of faculties,
team teaching departments, and the level of scientific work. A list of relevant degree programs of the Novomoskovsk Institute (branch) MUCTR for the 2018/19 academic year:

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Admission Committee

Information on the dates for admission to the degree programs from the beginning of the acceptance of documents to the issuance of an order for admission of persons who have submitted a letter for consent to admission under contracts for the provision of paid educational services in the extramural form of study.

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The minimum passing score, confirming the successful completion of entrance examinations, with an indication of the priority of entrance examinations for admission to study at the Novomoskovsk Institute (branch) MUCTR for the 2018/19 academic year

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List of required documents

Applying for the Novomoskovsk Institute MUCTR (in Russian) the foreign citizen has to present the following documents:

  • a copy of the document establishing the applicant’s identity, or a copy of the document establishing the foreigner’s identity in Russian Federation, in accordance with the article 10 of the “Federal Law of legal status of foreign citizens in Russian Federation” of 25.07.2002 № 115- ФЗ;
  • the original state educational certificate (or its legally certified copy), or the original educational document of a foreign state recognized as equivalent to the state educational certificate in Russian Federation (or its legally certified copy), as well as a copy of the certificate of the document validation in cases stipulated by the law of Russian Federation;
  • Russian language version of the educational document and (or) qualification certificate of the foreign state and attached supplement to it (if it is stipulated by the law of the state involved).
  • copy of migration card or entry visa;
  • 6 black-and-white photos on the light ground in the mat paper sized 3 х 4 cm.
  • Original or copy of medical certificate

(The translation into Russian has to be carried out into the applicant’s full name indicated in the entry visa).

Transfer from other educational organizations

Acceptance of documents in the order for transfer from other educational organization is realized from August 19 to August 23 from 10:00 till 17:00 and from August 26 to August 30 from 10:00 till 17:00. Meetings of the transfer commission will be held on August 30 and September 4. The list of documents required at transferring from other educational organization:

Before making a decision on transfer by the educational organization:

  • application for transfer addressed to the head of the organization;
  • a certificate of the training period, where indicates the level of education on the basis of which the student entered to the educational program, the list and volume of studied subjects, courses, disciplines (modules), internships, completed researches, grades for the interim assessment set by the original organization;
  • other documents confirming the student’s educational achievements (other documents are submitted at the student’s discretion).

After making a decision on transfer by the educational organization:

  • extract from the enrollment termination order in connection with the transfer;
  • document on previous education;
  • copy of the passport (2,3,5 pages);
  • 6 photos sized 3×4 cm.

In the case if transfer applications submitted more vacant places for transfer, the University, besides evaluating the received documents, conducts a competitive selection among the persons who submitted the transfer applications. The competitive selection is conducted in the form of an interview as and when groups form.

Based on the results of the competitive selection, the University makes either a decision on admission to vacant places for transferring students who are most prepared for the relevant educational program or a decision on refusal of admission in relation to persons who do not qualify in the results of the competitive selection.

How to become a student of the Preparatory faculty?

If you decide to study at our Institute of higher education, you need to conclude an agreement with the Association for the Promotion of Government Programs or with organizations interacting with the Association on the basis of an agreement on cooperation in student attraction assistance to the Novomoskovsk State Institute. The Association recruits applicants for study Russian language at the Preparatory faculty of the Novomoskovsk State Institute, on the basis of a cooperation agreement. The Association for the Promotion of Government Programs provides services on the basis of an agreement with an applicant or an agreement with an agent:

  1. A foreign citizen sends a passport scan (pdf) and a completed Application form to e-mail: info@mendeleev-university.com
  2. We check documents and send him/her the number of the contract for issuing the invitation (it costs 1800 RUB)
  3. After payment, we send all the necessary documents to the FMS of Moscow
  4. After 22 days, we receive electronic invitation and send it to the address indicated in the Application form.

International admission committee of the Preparatory faculty:
Tel: +7 (920) 758-88-88 (WhatsApp, Viber)
E-mail: info@mendeleev-university.com

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